Uncertain Spectator (2011)

Guest contributor to Uncertain Spectator exhibition blog.

Specters, David Levine
Reciprocity, Anxiety and the Aesthetics of Noncatharsis

A group exhibition confronting anxiety in contemporary art, Uncertain Spectator asks individuals to cross a threshold — to place themselves in situations riddled with tension, confront deeply charged emotional content, and grapple with feelings of apprehension. The works presented deal with a general mood of uneasiness arising from recent political and economic events that frames a future rife with imminent threats. Uncertain Spectator not only responds to these unsettling situations, but also creates them by challenging individuals to step outside of a place of comfort both physically and emotionally.

Graciela Carnevale // Anthony Discenza // Claire Fontaine // Kate Gilmore // Tue Greenfort // Susanna Hertrich // Jesper Just // Marie Sester // Superflex // Jordan Wolfson // Curated by Emily Zimmerman

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